I'm in Miami Beach...


First: don't forget to take your skates with you! There is nothing better like skating at the promenade in Miami Beach. If you rent a car, than you have to accept a little walk to the famous Ocean drive, because it is really hard to find a parking there. But, believe me, you won't regret it! Along the Ocean drive you have the possibility to eat in a lot of stylish food bars, to drink very big cocktails and look for the new trends of passing people. Don't be surprised: Even, if it is very hot, you'll find outdoor heaters outside the bars. It was very funny. For us Miami Beach seems like a dream. For that reason, we cancelled one day in Orlando and come back earlier to Miami Beach. I can recommend not sleep directly in Miami Beach, because it is too expensive. We've booked one room in Fort Lauderdale on the page casamundo. Fort Lauderdale only is located 38 minutes away from Miami Beach. It was good for me, because I didn't like to drive so long distances at night.


One interesting fact


I was very astonished that the radio in our car played so much spanish songs, while we stayed in Miami Beach! I didn't know, that 55% of the residents in Miami Beach speak Spanish and only 33% speak English. Whatever, the spanish music sounds very good and I love it, so that I have to hear this radio station at home, too. You like to know more about Miami Beach? No Problem, here you'll find further information.


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