Have you ever been in the USA?


I haven't been in the USA before I went to Florida. Florida is one of the 50 US-States and is located in the Southeastern of the USA near the Gulf Coast. The capital city is Tallahassee, but probably the most of you associate Miami or Orlando with a journey to Florida. Because I didn't know a lot of this state, I decided to make a round-trip with my friends. Due to the fact, that we refrain from choosing an expensive cabriolet, we'd like to sleep in cheap accomodations, which we booked before on casamundo.co.uk. We were very surprised, how easy it was to find good appartements along our route. I can recommend to book it before your journey, because you can avoid a lot of stress. Also we informed us about the most important places in Florida, so that we only have to reach Fort Lauderdale Airport, take our convertible car and start our tour!


My insider tips...


On the first day we started with a shopping tour in a big outlet mall near Fort Lauderdale. If you like labels like Michael Kors, you'll find everything you can imagine. For the small budget there will be also stores like GAP and American Eagle (A.E. seems to me like a copy of Hollister and Abercrombie...). I prefered to wait for my favourite shopping locations Hollister and A&F, because in America the prices for these labels are very good - not like in London. If you love it to shop food, than stop in one Wal Mart store. We were so amazed about so much convenience food, you can buy there. On the second day we went to the Bahamas with a big ship. It was a really exciting all inclusive tour, I only can recommend it . If you're interested in a trip to the Bahamas look discoverycruiseline.com. One more day we spend in Daytona to be a part of one of the famous Spring Break parties. If you're holidays overlaps with this famous event, than you don't have to miss the parties. The last days we stayed in Miami Beach. It was so fantastic, that I'd like to tell you more about it on a special page....


What else? Don't forget to have your breakfast at IHOP, eat at the Cheesecake factory and visit Yogurturway in Fort Lauderdale!



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